01. Barry [proposed] to Yvonne last night, and she said yes.
02. The boss has accepted my [proposal] to upgrade our computer systems.
03. She accepted his [proposal] of marriage without hesitation.
04. Jonathon [proposed] to his girlfriend while they were hiking the West Coast Trail, and that's where they got married a year later.
05. The government is [proposing] legislation that would require tobacco companies to pay for advertising to discourage people from smoking.
06. The offer of a merger of the two companies is certainly an attractive [proposition] for the shareholders.
07. Where does the university [propose] to build the new ESL center?
08. I [propose] that we continue this discussion at our next meeting.
09. Parliament is debating a [proposition] which would prohibit smoking in public places.
10. Our company is considering a [proposal] to change our working schedule to four days with longer hours so that we can have a three-day weekend.
11. We couldn't come to any decision at today's meeting, so the boss [proposed] that we continue the discussion next week.
12. Ariel Durant once remarked that the conservative who resists change is as valuable as the radical who [proposes] it.
13. In 1990, Soviet parliamentary leaders [proposed] a law which would allow the republics the right to separate from the Soviet Union.
14. In May of 1980, the province of Quebec voted against a [proposal] to negotiate independence from Canada.
15. In November of 1977, the Egyptian Foreign Minister and his Deputy resigned over President Sadat's [proposed] visit to Israel.
16. She came up with a very interesting [proposal] at this morning's meeting.
17. Psychologists have [proposed] a number of criteria with which to define abnormality.
18. Scientists have [proposed] many different hypotheses to explain worldwide temperature changes.

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